26 February 2015

The bits I've never been able to show you.

Hello everyone. Today I have a little treat for some of you. As my long time blogging friends will know my posts relating to my work here in the estate gardens have been sort of tinged with misgivings in relation to respecting my employers privacy and getting across what I want to say. I hope that I managed to walk a fine line of showing enough to make things interesting and get my point across but at the same time not show too much so as to invade anyone's privacy. Well as of the past few months plans have been drawn up to facilitate using the big house and it's grounds as an exclusive wedding venue, just a handful each year. So to help get the word out that the big house is open for business and also show what can be expected the estate have opened up their own website so I am now thinking that this lets me off the hook as far as showing things on my own little blog. In fact a lot of the pictures on the site were actually taken by me over the years so if they can show my pictures on their site I see now reason why I can't now show my pictures on my site.

Anyway if you click [HERE] you can take a look at all the bits I've never been able to show you in the past.

10 February 2015


I found this picture today and thought I would share it with you. The cat in the picture was called Sooty and started off as my sisters cat but somehow ended up as my mums. As you will no doubt be able to tell from the picture that her favourite place to relax and take a nap was in the oven of the range. Before you start to worry it wasn't so hot that it could cause her any harm - provided no one closed the door. 

1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy new year to you all.

The picture is of a bowl of Hyacinths I grew for the big house to enjoy over Christmas but for whatever reason they never left the greenhouse.

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26 December 2014

I've had a terrible boxing day.

I've had a terrible day today, and you will probably think me stupid when I tell you the reason why.

I have for the most part got used to not having  Tommy around but what I can't seem to get used to is him proving to be irreplaceable. It just breaks my heart to know that I will never have anything like it again. That is what I was reminded of today.

It was during lunch, there was us plus my family and a friend of Vicki's, we had just finished the main course and everyone started pulling Christmas crackers when Vicki announced that she was wearing a 'Next' hat. Next being a department store that we have here and is where the crackers were bought. For a split second after she said it I thought she said she was wearing a neck hat and this straight away reminded me of when Tommy was around I would share my cracker with him. He wasn't very good at pulling it but he would hold it in his mouth and I would help him pull it and then when it was split open we would share the contents, he having the paper hat and me the little gift. Because the paper hat wouldn't fit his head I would slip it over his head and he would wear it as a paper collar, I can see him now as pleased as punch that he was able to join in the fun. This year and for no other year as long as I live there was and will never be a Tommy and this brought such a lump to my throat that I couldn't speak and my eyes filled with tears until they were almost running over. So as not to make a complete fool of myself in front of everyone I rushed my Christmas pudding and cleared off out of the way until I could regain some composure. I couldn't enjoy the rest of the day as I was on the brink the whole time.

My sister noticed there was something wrong and on inquiring all I could say by way of an explanation was, 'It's Tommy' and I had to once again flee the room, I just can't help it, I fight it but it's just to much. Just writing this has taken me so long I'm going to have to back date it. Some of you have asked me to write more posts about my adventures with Tommy and I would love too but every time I start one I just go to pieces. I will keep trying though as I want to write it all down for my own benefit.

Tommy wearing his Christmas cracker paper hat, 

25 December 2014

Chewy Present.

Merry Christmas to you all, have you been having a good time?

We've been enjoying ourselves, we've had plenty to eat and drink, lots of presents and family to visit us.

Below are some pictures of Tess enjoying one of her many presents.

18 December 2014

Tractor ride to the woods.

Hello everyone, how are you today? This past week I have been digging over the vegetable garden, it's a job I like to get done before Christmas if I can so that the weather has time to break down the soil and perhaps do other good stuff as well. 

Anyway before I could start on the digging I needed to clear some things such as old unwanted veg and prunings from Black Currant bushes, also some weeds, basically anything that was in the way of the digging. When the trailer was loaded up and ready for emptying I had the idea of putting my little camera on the tractor somewhere and then inviting you all to come for a ride on the tractor with me to the woods which is where I have to dump my rubbish since the gamekeeper put my compost bins on the bonfire. So anyone who is interested hop on board and hold on tight.

14 December 2014

A bright crisp day with a cold breeze, lots of ice and a little covering of snow.

On Saturday me and Tess took a walk along Derwent Edge. It was a bright crisp day with a cold breeze, lots of ice and a little covering of snow. We walked from Cut Throat Bridge to Back Tor where we stopped for a coffee, sandwiches and dog biscuits. By the time we had finished eating and drinking we were pretty cold so decided to have a game of ball to get warmed up before we retraced our steps back to the car.

Looking up the valley towards the Derwent dam.

The view across the valley to Kinder Scout.

Back Tor, a good place to stop for a coffee.

As it was only still the early afternoon by the time we got back to the car we decided to go and visit my parents who live just a few miles down the valley.

I had a good day and I think Tess did although it's not always easy to tell with her.

9 September 2014

Low Priority Rabbits.

If you grow Lettuce, and indeed various other vegetables it can sometimes be worth leaving them in the garden even after they are past being useful for eating as they can put on a display just as good as any flowering plant. Tell me if I'm wrong but wouldn't the Lettuce in the picture look good in any Herbaceous border? I haven't tried this but one could probably still pick off individual leaves and add them to a salad.

Incidentally the Leeks in front of the lettuce are a failure. People keep on telling me that keeping rabbits out of the garden is not a priority, I hope they are as understanding when I present them with the Leeks in the picture as the two previous sowing's got eaten by the low priority rabbits last spring.

6 September 2014

Strange Cabbage.

I have these Cabbages in the garden at work which I have grown in a ring of wire netting for protection, I think there are four plants the one you see being the biggest. I planted them such a long time ago that I can't even remember what they are but by the look of them I think they may be Savoy cabbages planted for last winter but were a bit late so never developed when they should but have done so now. The other interesting thing is that because of the wire netting around them they have grown on long stalks of about eighteen inches long presumably so they can escape the chicken wire around them. Until you examine it closely the four plants seem to be one plant with four cabbage heads which looks sort of unusual.

2 September 2014


Okay - so who's looking at who?